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Q: Can you please tell us more about how friendly this system is for the Air, Water, Earth and how amazing & safe it is? Everyone wants to know!!

RockA: It would be my pleasure. Regarding Air: Our system is a closed loop and we do not incinerated but at 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit we disassociate so there are no emissions that can escape from our machine and process, just valuable clean products. As to water: We can calibrate the machine to process polluted water and generate steam to create power while removing all impurities and returning clean fresh water to our water ways. We can also desalinate water just via the cooling of the gas and melts. For example processing 700 tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) per day will desalinate 5 million gallons of pure drinking water, extracting the salt and trace minerals and metals that are all inert and commercially viable.

How Safe: The machines we have in place in Japan, Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland and in Our Plant in Connecticut have over over 30 years of combined usage and have no problems. California produces over 90 Million Metric tons of Land Fill every year and that is a lot of MSW. Whether here in the US or in Bali we are producing massive quantities of MSW every day and that could be the key to the future for all our power needs for our homes and even for our vehicles. For under $2000 any car can be converted to run on hydrogen gas and it is as safe as any other fuel sources used today and in many ways safer and certainly vastly cleaner. For those who do not know when you combust Hydrogen gas, you get greater BTU's, or power, and the resulting by-product is H2O!!! Pure water vapor.

The Financial Status of Startech is in Chapter 11. Why with such a superb technology has it reached this point? Because of a hostile take-over attempt that striped the company of all operating capital. The hostile takeover by "Friendly LLC" (Cute Name??) for $15,000,000 was a front for a little company called GAZPROM. This is the Russian State Owned and publicly traded power and gas company with net revenues of over 250 billion. In 2008 If they wanted Startech at $15 million... there must be a reason. converter

Right now for $2.3 million we can acquire the entire company, all its assets, all the patents, and move forward with the billions worth of serious business that is just waiting for our management team to move into place. If anyone would like to contact me regarding this extraordinary opportunity; please feel free to send me an email at Thanks for your efforts on our behalf and together we can help to make the world a better and cleaner place for us all!!

Q: I need someone smarter than I to tell me, is this real? I googled my fingers raw and found nobody disputing it, seems to good to be true!!

A: If it were the early 80's I would say that yes, it's "too good to be true" and a fairy tale could well be applied, but as the technology has been in existence for twenty years in this arena, with Startech as the leader... and has had operational plants for ten years, it is not a matter of sounding too good to be true but it is verified and factual and just something that some have not heard of yet.



Earlier Questions and Answers:

Q: What types of waste can the Plasma Converter process?
A: All types of waste; solids, liquids, and gases, can be processed separately or simultaneously.

Q: How much pre-preparation is necessary before processing?
A: None. The Converter processes all materials without sorting. In some cases it may be desirable to volume reduce waste materials through the use of a shredder to achieve optimal processing efficiencies.

Q: How effectively does the Plasma Converter process medical waste and other troublesome hazardous waste streams such as PCB's?
A: The Plasma Converter can process all such hazardous wastes safely and efficiently. Temperatures in the Plasma vessel reach in excess of 30,000º F at the core of the Plasma field. All wastes fed into the vessel are irreversibly destroyed and converted, through the process of molecular dissociation, into a safe synthesis fuel gas called Plasma Converted Gas ™ (PCG).

Q: What type of feed systems can the Plasma Converter accommodate?vessel
A: All types; ram, auger, rotary valve, top gravity feed, and others. In addition, liquids and gases are fed into the vessel simultaneously through their own dedicated ports.

Q: What volumes of waste can the Plasma Converter process?
A: The Plasma Converter vessel is manufactured in several standard industrial sizes; 5 tons per day (tpd), 10 tpd, 20 tpd, 50 tpd, and 100 tpd. Resource Recovery Facilities of 500 tons per day and larger are under proposal, utilizing multiple 100 tpd vessels and centralized gas scrubbing.

Q: What are the principal by-products of the system?
A: The two principal byproducts of the Plasma Converter are a synthesis fuel gas called PCG ™ and an obsidian-like stone, which is non-toxic and non-leachable. Both are commodity products that offer the customer revenue potential. The PCG can be directly used for plant heating or cooling, to make electricity, or to desalinate water, as well as other uses. Additionally, the PCG can be used to make hydrogen or methanol. The obsidian-like stone can be sold to the construction, paving and abrasives industries.

landfillQ: Does the system create any kind of emissions?
A: When the gas is used as a feedstock, no stack is necessary as all commodity byproducts are recycled for further use. PCG is similar to natural gas when used to generate steam (ie. Boiler) or energy (ie. Microturbine).

Q: Can the Plasma Converter generate its own power for processing?
A: Yes, for most carbonaceous waste streams, enough PCG is produced to run a motor generator set or turbine to produce the electricity needed to run the system plus some residual electricity that can be put back into the electrical grid or sold to others. This electric generation capability is especially important for remote areas or where the cost of electricity is particularly high or availability is limited.

Q: When I buy a Plasma Converter system, what equipment is included?
A: The system includes the Plasma Converter Vessel with feed system, Plasma Torch and Power Supply, A High Pressure Cooling Water System, Central Computer Control Station, and Gas Polishing System. The system delivers a cleaned, cooled, scrubbed synthesis gas ready for use. The customer will need to supply PCG storage and use Smokestacksequipment such as compressors, motor-generator sets, turbines, and boilers to employ the PCG.

Q: Is performance insurance available and can Startech provide financing?
A: Yes, performance insurance is available to qualified buyers. The insurance provides coverage for a buyer's intended waste stream as well as for the successful permitting of the Plasma Converter system for the specific application.
Startech can arrange project financing for creditworthy buyers and will consider taking an equity position in a joint development arrangement for those projects that offer an attractive financial return.

FAQ's Relative to Homeland Defense

Q: Can the Plasma Converter process and destroy Anthrax?
A: Yes, we believe the Plasma Converter will irreversibly destroy many hazardous contaminants including anthrax, mad cow disease, and foot and mouth disease.

Q: How would a Plasma Converter get to a ground zero site in the event of a terrorist hazardous attack?
A: Truck-mounted mobile Plasma Converter systems that could be rapidly deployed to process and destroy hazardously contaminated materials at ground zero.

Q: How are anthrax and other hazardous contaminants irreversibly destroyed?
A: The intense radiant energy and super high temperatures created by the plasma arc will cause the actual molecules that make up the viruses and bacteria to break apart through a process called "molecular dissociation". No hazardous organisms or agents that go into the Plasma vessel survive.

About Startech

Startech is the internationally recognized, Award-winning Environment and Energy Industry Company producing and selling its innovative, proprietary plasma processing equipment known as the Plasma Converter System(TM).

The Plasma Converter System safely and economically destroys wastes, no matter how hazardous or lethal, and turns most into useful and valuable products. In doing so, the System protects the environment and helps to improve the Public Health and Safety. The System achieves closed-loop elemental recycling to safely and irreversibly destroy urban waste, organic and inorganic, solids, liquids and gases, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, industrial by-products and also items such as electronics-waste (e-waste), medical waste, chemical industry waste and other specialty wastes, while converting many of them into useful commodity products that can include silicates, metals and a synthesis-gas called Plasma Converted Gas (PCG)(TM).

Among the many commercial uses for PCG, is its use to produce "Carbonless Electric Power" from Startech Hydrogen, Gas-To-Liquid (GTL) fuels such as ethanol, synthetic diesel fuel and other higher alcohol "alternative" fuels. Startech Hydrogen, for commercial use and sale, can also be recovered from the PCG. The Startech Plasma Converter is essentially a manufacturing system producing valuable commodity products from feedstock-materials that were previously regarded as wastes. Startech regards all wastes, hazardous and non-hazardous, as valuable renewable resources and as feedstock.