Harlland Reunion
RECENT FAMILY REUNION IN KANSAS CITY                            (^ HARLAND & FLO ^)

10: Albert Rheumarion HAWLEY + Mary BEEBE
11: Cecil HAWLEY 11: Flossy HAWLEY 11: Leanah Maud HAWLEY 11: Virgil HAWLEY 11: Clarence Raymond HAWLEY
11: Gerald HAWLEY b: Sep 1895 + Viola KEEFER b: 1899
12: Darith B HAWLEY b: 31 May 1923
12: Gerald Bryan HAWLEY b: 15 May 1927
12: Harland Maynard HAWLEY b: 20 Feb 1929      

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Initial contact from Trudy Hawley, of The Hawley Society:

Interesting webpage on the Hawley genealogy. Are you related to Clarence Raymond
Hawley and perhaps to Portia Hawley? I'm trying to find out if she is the Portia
listed on the World War II memorial registry with a photo, which I want to use
in the next Hawley Society newsletter. By the way, you are probably aware of the
Steamboat Arabia museum in Kansas City, which is run by Harland Hawley, who may
be Portia's first cousin, if I have this figured out correctly. Please get back
to me, and I have a few other comments on the data on your Hawley genealogy
page, just for clarification. Thanks, Trudy Hawley, volunteer genealogist for
The Hawley Society.

[We replied, yes we're cousins, send more info!!]

Hi, Chaz, here is an email address for Harland & Flo, your Kansas City relatives.

I'm attaching a couple of photographs of them, just to see if you think Harland has
a family resemblance, in your opinion. By the way, Harland is also known as Bob - he
said he thought girls wouldn't like the name Harland, so he used a nickname. They
are extremely nice people, if you want to touch base with them. The story of their
discovery of the Arabia Steamboat is fascinating, too.

Yes, David is their son and they also have a daughter. Their other son Greg is in
the group photo, left side behind the pretty young lady in front. Tragically, Greg
was killed in a car crash a few months later.

Almost all the other people in the group photo are also your cousins - I'm only a
Hawley by marriage. I am the Hawley Society's volunteer genealogist and I publish
the quarterly newsletter. When I noticed Portia's photograph in the World War II
registry, along with several other known Hawleys, I decided to do an article on the
Hawley veterans of WW II in the next issue, toward the end of November. If you would
like a copy, send me an address for mailing.

You also mentioned using House of Hawley for your family tree. The big book of
Hawley genealogy, The Hawley Record published in 1890, omitted your branch of the
family, because they moved away from New England so early. So, while House of Hawley
picks up the trail, we also have DNA evidence that your Hawley branch is descended
from the old Joseph of Stratford. The DNA samples came from someone in the Mormon
branch of Pierce Hawley and also from a descendant of Pierce's brother Aaron
(martyred by a band of Black Hawk's warriers) who is a close cousin of Elsie Hawley
Platt who wrote House of Hawley.