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Brian Voll, Drums/Percussion and Vocals:b

At age seven took piano lessons to about age ten. Played piano at school talent shows, my influence at that time Ray Charles, then watched a two brother rock & roll act at one of the schools talent show, drums and electric guitar. It was hook line and sinker for me.

Bought my first guitar from my paper route job, took private lessons two years later. at Gelb music off and on for a couple of years. Learned to improvise a lot and started writing rock tunes or riffs, most of my licks came from the piano then transposed to guitar. started my first band in high school with my friends, we were Rednef Nosbig. that name thought up by my good friend and great drummer Cliff, spell the name backwards and see what you get... after high school spent a great deal of time writing rock tunes with a couple friends, mostly three piece rock gigs that were 99% of the time parties and jams, went on for a while and then took a weird turn in the road. and hung up the guitar for a while. I would always be listening to Jimi Hendrix and Mitch Mitchel's drumming and that did it for me. I once again was hooked, line and sinker, knew drums would be my passion!

1983 took drum lessons at the Gelb music store, from a teacher named Gary Harder (Hi Gary!), who is no longer at Gelb, but still teaches privately. In 1985 started up a three piece hard rock band with two friends of mine who I used to play guitar with a ways back. We were called Shoot the Moon. we played mostly local bars and pizza joints in Redwood City and in San Francisco the Maboughey garden, a local punk rock club at the time. then as time passed I met Ruben our present singer and song writer at a party where his band at the time were playing.

I sat in and played with his crew. The same day Ruben had asked me if I would like to join up with his band. I thought about it and a year later I did. Ever since then I had stuck around with Ruben and other various musicians. and in between times had shared a lot of my own musical ideas and even helped write a couple of the bridges in our songs that we are playing presently.